paper clay cowgirl magazine
Photo courtesy of @paper__clay on Instagram.……

Paper Clay creates adorable clay earrings that would be a great lightweight accessory for summer! There are so many tones and patterns to choose from, with plenty of options to match your wardrobe. From neutrals to vibrant pieces, each pair will add a great touch to your outfit!

This print is STUNNING. The subtle pastels mix great with pops of gold.

These are reminiscent of cowhide… what do you think?

Add feathers for an extra pop!

These classic arch shapes are anything but basic!

Obsessed with the different elements added to the classic clay! Fringe, anyone?

As Henry Ford once said, “You can have it in any color, as long as it’s black.”

They also make studs, perfect for more casual wear!

Make a statement with these vibrant pairs!