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Every cowgirl should have a trail ride bucket-list! Just picture how many beautiful places there are in the world, and all of the land out there that needs to be ridden.

I found it nearly impossible to narrow down my list of places across the globe where I’d love to ride, but I decided on five gorgeous locations. Check out this list and be sure to comment if you have gone riding in any of these locations!

If you’re interested in learning more about the rides on this list, click on the images and you’ll be redirected back to the websites of the respective riding outfitters.

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1) African Horseback Safaris:

If you are searching for a horseback riding experience like no other, you’ll want to hop on a plane to the Okavango Delta! The extraordinary ride that this company offers takes people deep into the African safari, where it’s not uncommon to see elephants, buffalo, zebras, and giraffes.

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2) Canyon Rides:

While there are many places to ride in the United States, Utah is home to some of the most beautiful destinations of them all. Canyon Rides offers experiences on horseback in both Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park; you can’t go wrong with either of these rides! If you’ve already been to both of these locations, a third ride is offered at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

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3) Seacliff Stables:

There’s no better way to explore a country than on horseback, especially when that country is Scotland! Seacliff Stables offers a tranquil riding experience to guests, as they only ride on privately owned land.

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4) Happy Trails Hawaii:

I think that most people secretly, or maybe not so secretly, dream of riding horses in Hawaii! Happy Trails Hawaii offers a unique riding experience, including small rides that offer a chance to enjoy the beauty of the land on horseback all while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere.

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5) Trail Rides of the Canadian Rockies:

The highly acclaimed Trail Rides of the Canadian Rockies offers riding experiences that are more catered to individuals who have spent some time in the saddle. The beauty that can be seen on this ride is unlike anything that most people can even imagine!