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The Schoolhouse Venue is a restored historical landmark in Dallas, Texas. It would be a great space for a wedding, party, or any other fun event you can think of! The neutral decor makes it easy to decorate in any style you want. Check out how cool the venue is!

“Now a Dallas Historic Landmark, the Eagle Ford School remains as one of the only physical reminders of West Dallas communities and it’s a rare almost 100-year old building in a rural setting that has such strong, diverse associations. From 1923-1959 hundreds of students filled the school including the infamous Bonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde.

“It is the only remaining public school still standing in DISD in which students from a workers village or ‘company town’ attended. In 2019 the school was reopened to the community as a venue space.”

“Through the restoration process the building’s original architectural features (like the stunning front arch and boys and girls entrances) were preserved.” Also, can we acknowledge that amazing balloon arch?!

Pampas grass is a great wedding decor accessory!