If you’ve anxiously been waiting for Netflix to air season 11 of Heartland, then you’re in luck! They’ve just announced their plans to release the season. Currently, you can watch seasons one through ten of this popular family drama.

When is season 11 coming?

August 1, 2019! That’s right. You can catch up on the drama this summer.

For horse lovers looking for a fun TV series, this is the one for you! In case you’re not familiar, Heartland is about life on the range. The main character, Amy Fleming, has as special gift for horses. She’s able to connect with injured ones and those with problematic pasts. She gives them a new start at life! There’s also quite the drama among her family members.

These new episodes promise to be just as juicy as previous ones! You won’t want to miss the action.

Catch a first look at episode one from season 11:

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