Fresh flowers in a home give life to it, as well as style, fragrance and depth. They’re a low-maintenance way to add elegance and all you have to do is water them, give them some plant food, and maybe talk to them a little to get the most life out of them. With that, we’re sharing our favorite flowers that are fresh for summer with inspiring ways to display them about your humble abode.


These bold blooms add vibrant color to a stark white home or a neutral home. Their colors vary, but their bright colors makes them remarkable in any color.

Moonshine Yarrow

Photography courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

These tight-knit clusters of yellow blooms are unique in shape and grow in generous amounts. Their bright yellow color will add a pop of summer to any home. 

Baby’s Breath

Photography courtesy of The Wedding Chicks 

This delicate flower looks elegant and chic on its own or paired with a bolder bloom.


Photography courtesy of Thistle Wood Farms

Known as an elegant flower, this bloom makes appearances in a lot of weddings due to its romantic look. White or colored hydrangeas can give any home a clean look. 


An easy-to-grow bloom that has a distinct floral scent, these are the types of blooms that actually tell us when summer is here.


These gorgeous blooms are small and delicate. They’ll add subtle color to any home. They look great paired with a rustic look.

Casa Blanca Lily

A clean and fresh flower that can easily be displayed in a home, regardless of any type of decorating style.


Photography courtesy of M. Reyes Lifestyle

This bloom has a vintage feel that can soften up any room in the house.