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The same producers from the Ruby Buckle barrel racing are producing a new series of rope horse futurities called “The Riata Buckle”. The producers are putting together the stallion line up for the incentives and the stallions picked are rather impressive. But they have a few ways to set this futurity apart from the industry standard.

This Futurity is geared to mass produce rope horses. Riata Buckle went to Facebook posting that they were trying to achieve, “[The] goal is to put afterburners on the rope horse breeding programs, in an effort to create not just a few dozen new rope horses each year, but hundreds”.

This futurity is going to run differently from other formats. Horses will be placed directly off of time, there will be no scoring scoring system involved.

“Following their experience with Pink Buckle, they are building their futurities and aged-horse events for team ropers of every handicap number. We understand there will be no judging, as this program will operate strictly on time.”

They have high hopes to boost the breeding programs of the modern day rope horse. The stallions payed in waver from breeding style. They have cowhorse breed sires such as Woody Be Tuff ($7.6 Million dollar sire), Hired Gun (2x Aged Event Champion, 6x Limited Aged Event Finalist), and Traveling Jones ($470 thousands in progeny earnings). As well as last year’s AQHA senior world champion CT Show Me Your Guns and many more. Make sure to keep these incentives in your head while choosing the stallion to breed your mare to this next year.

The ever-changing rope horse industry is forever growing, with the big shift from the Quarter Horse roping, which is entirely judged, to the growth of the American Rope Horse futurity, which had its own alteration of both judging and time.

Next year, the Pink Buckle will pay put over $3.3 Million, while the Ruby Buckle will pay $2.7 Million. The payout has not been announced for the first ever season of the Riata Buckle, but the producers shared that the information is all on its way for public knowledge soon.