It’s a dream of almost all horse owners- a luxuriously shiny coat. Not only does it look nice, but it also suggests your horse is healthy on the inside too! So, what’s the secret?… How do professionals get their horses looking like a million bucks? It starts with these top ten tips! Follow along and you’ll have a stunning horse too.

Secrets to a Shiny Coat

  1. Put in some elbow grease. Regular grooming with a rubber curry and stiff brush can make all the difference in the world.
  2. A slightly damp cloth can be used as a finishing touch for an extra shine.
  3. Avoid overusing shampoo, which can dry out a coat and reduce natural oils. For shows, shampoo your horse once the day before.
  4. Rinse or sponge your horse’s body with water when they get sweaty.
  5. Treat dirty spots with a stainer remover like Cowboy Magic GreenSpot Remover.
  6. Mist your horse all over with a shine product, such as ShowSheen.
  7. Keep a sheet or blanket on your horse to avoid dirt.
  8. Leave your horse inside on very sunny days.
  9. Feed a balanced diet.
  10. Consider adding a coat supplement or oil.

You’re just a few steps away to a healthy and shinier horse!