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Seedling Clayworks is a one-woman pottery studio in Arizona. Samirah, owner and artist of Seedling Clayworks, gains inspiration from hispanic culture, the Sonoran Desert, and, of course, cacti. Her cactus mugs just can’t be beat!

Samirah makes a great deal of cactus-related pottery, especially mugs.

When you’re as creative as she is, there’s a lot you can do with some clay cacti and some inspiration!

She has a very open relationship with her customers, often showing works in progress and sneak peeks of new products on her Instagram, including her popular cactus mugs.

Don’t know about you, but having one or two or seven of these mugs in our cupboard would be kind of amazing.

Whether you’re a fan of small businesses, women-owned business, the desert, or all of the above, Seedling Clayworks is the place to go! Visit Samirah’s website to learn more about the company…and shop, duh!