Left photo courtesy of @cowhorse_chick on Instagram. Right photo courtesy of Paige Brandon……

We all know how the story goes. You spend hours developing the perfect diet, workout regimen and after care program for your horses, yet you grab fast food for yourself on the way home from the barn. It’s time we change a little bit of that!

Maybe you’re responsible for a 1200 pound animal, or maybe you’re a mother, a wife, or maybe you’re a boss babe working her behind off… no matter what kind of cowgirl you are, you deserve to take care of yourself! You’ve earned it girl!

Go for a Trail Ride and Pick Flowers for Yourself

How relaxing does this sound!? Afterwards, you can plant these in a vase to brighten up your home! A daily reminder of beauty and peace! Extra points if you do it bareback like you did as a kid!

Braid Your Horse’s Mane

Do you remember those long days after grade school where you’d spend the night gossiping to your pony and braiding their manes? Sometimes all you need is a listening ear to get all the stress out!

Wine and Sunset Watching

Pour yourself a glass of wine and watch the sunset! No phone, no emails… just you, a glass of wine and the beauty of nature. It’s a good reset button! Can’t drink wine? That’s okay! Just grab whatever you like!

Take Your Horse (or Dog) for a Walk

Allow your horse to graze or your dog to play on their walk. Bring a book with you and let everyone relax as you read!

Take care of yourselves, cowgirls!