Selling a horse can be a lot of hard work…unless you’re properly prepared! You’ll want your horse to stand out against the competition. For every month that he doesn’t sell, you’ll have to continue to pay for his care. That can get expensive. It’s time to get serious and find him the perfect home!

1. High-quality advertisement: You’ll want to take well-lit pictures of his conformation. He should stand squarely on level ground. The ad should be accurate and include just the right amount of information, such as breed (and if registered), gender, age, temperament, experience, and price. Don’t forget to include your name, location, and contact details.

2. Where to list: Even if you have a well-written ad, you still need to put it in the right spots to be read. Consider online avenues like Facebook, Craigslist, horse sale websites, word of mouth, local newspapers, breed magazines, and flyers. If you have a registered horse, try to reach out to breed organizations. You can also contact lesson barns and spread word at shows. Know your horse’s niche market.

3. Put your best foot forward: Groom your horse till he shines, including tidying up his mane, trimming up any overgrown bridle paths, and currying the mud off. Allow the prospective buyer to see him without tack first. When you bring out the saddle, make sure it’s freshly cleaned.

4. Answer questions honestly: Never lie about your horse’s ability or cover up any issues he has. The goal is to find a good home. Be ready to answer questions and even ask some. Disclose vet records and be prepared for a pre-purchase examination. Your reputation can be ruined by selling a horse untruthfully.

5. Get a deposit and set arrangements: If you have an interested buyer who claims to want your horse, then require a contract and deposit. You’ll want to set a time for him to be picked up. Handshake deals can get messy and prolong the selling process. Require a written sales agreement.

Selling a horse can be easy if you take the right steps!

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