Fall In Love With These Sensational Tack Sets

Every savvy cowgirl knows her horse must look the part!

January 24, 2019

Teal & Gold Cross Beaded Fringe Set.

Cowgirls, don’t settle for plain and boring when you could have something extraordinary. Dress your horse up in a gorgeous tack set that shows off your style!

Teal & Gold Cross Beaded w/ Fringe Set, $148.00; Cowgirl Barn And Tack

There’s a whole lot of sass in this tack set! The black fringe will have you turning heads.

Red & White Beaded Set.

Red & White Beaded Set, $148.00; Cowgirl Tack And Barn

Moving right along to this stunning set! Beaded tack is such a huge hit and for good reason.

Purple & Silver Metallic Mermaid Set.

Purple & Silver Metallic Mermaid Set, $108.00; Cowgirl Tack And Barn

Next, take a look at this flashy breast collar and headstall. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Teal Beaded Nylon Set.

Teal Beaded Nylon Set, $84.00; Cowgirl Tack And Barn

Pony owners, you just got very lucky! This teal collection was made for tiny tots.

Green & Black Beaded Fringe Set.

Green & Black Beaded Fringe Set, $124.00; Cowgirl Tack And Barn

Lastly, check out a set that’ll stop you in your tracks. Beads, bling, and fringe have never looked so good!

Now, who’s ready to go shopping?

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