There are certain staples in a cowgirl home, such as turquoise, cowhide, and of course, serape! Serape and cowgirls are the perfect duo; seriously, is it even possible to have too much serape in your house? I don’t think so!

Take a look at these beautiful serape home furnishings and decor; you’ll fall in love! After finishing the article, comment and let me know what your go-to decor essentials are for your cowgirl home. 

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1) The entire Desert Oasis collection by Tasha Polizzi:

If you’re a serape lover, you will fall in love with the beautiful Desert Oasis product line, designed by Tasha Polizzi. The collection includes pillows, shams, throws, duvets, and dust ruffles.

Photo courtesy of LachNLoaded Etsy.

2) Cowgirl Chic Custom Serape French Arm Chair:

A serape chair, like the beautifully vibrant one shown above, is a necessity in every cowgirl home!

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3) Serape Footstool:

If you’re wanting to add an extra touch of serape to your home, a footstool, like this DIY one, is a great option.

Photo courtesy of IronHorseMetal Etsy.

4) Chief Serape Sign:

Cowgirls can never have enough art in their homes, especially when serape is involved! I am loving this gorgeous wall sign.