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Serape Styles: Dress With All The Colors Of The Cowgirl

Dare to dream & dress in ALL the colors with these serape styles

April 03, 2020

Calling all serape lovers! Dare to dream and dress in all the colors from head to toe with these serape styles. Whether just a necklace or a whole outfit, there is a serape out there for every cowgirl.

The best part of serape? You do not have to pick just one color! Bring every color of the rainbow to your daily looks with some fun and colorful serape styles.

STS Patch Cap – Serape, $29.99, STS Ranch Wear.

Serape Squash Necklace, $18, Southwest Bedazzle Boutique.

Desert Serape Wild Rag, $37, Buck Wild Wild Rags.

Serape Rose Rodeo Belt, $112, Rodeo Quincy.

Distressed Serape Skinnies, $65, Ranch Dress’n.

Colorful serape styles are always in for spring and summer! Whether you’re going to the rodeo, the beach, or even a garden party, you’ll be eye-catching for sure!

Cowgirl Hotlist