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With her earthy grit and sophisticated indie-Americana feel, Ashley Riley has a sound all her own. “I know it meant more to me, and I’m setting you free…” Honest and disarming declarations like this fuel her single “Set You Free.” COWGIRL has an exclusive first look at the accompanying music video, and you won’t want to miss it!

“I guess it’s a little ironic that the way we started with working remotely on this one is how we finished the album because… 2020,” Ashley recalls of the recording process. “This song is really letting go of things that aren’t working in your life. I love that mantra, ‘I release what no longer serves me.'”

As for the video, she says, “That song is really the culmination of a lot of the themes on the album, and the video showcases my hometown of Decatur, Illinois. We got together on a rainy day in early November and drove around and filmed scenes from the car mixed with some on location scenes of a pine tree forest and a rail yard. We thought it would be cool to contrast nature and the industrial landscape.”  

Listen to the rest of her album here!

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