If your sewing machine is collecting dust, then now is your chance to put it to use! There are a ton of fun and creative projects for horse lovers. These practical items are great for using at the barn. Follow the tutorials and you’ll be on your way to finishing a cool sewing project!

1. Tail Bag

This is the perfect sewing project for a beginner. The directions are simple and easy to follow! Pick your favorite fabric and thread color to get started. Tail bags are great for keeping your horse’s tail clean. If you have a big show, then you might bag their tail up to keep dirt away. Some use them to promote growth, since the tail can’t get stepped on or tangled.

2. Polo Wraps

Protect your horse’s legs in style with DIY polo wraps. Here’s your chance to use bright colors, fun patterns or cute prints! This tutorial is also easy to follow.

3. Feed Bag Tote

Functional and adorable, you can reuse old feed bags to make a handy tote for the barn. They’re perfect for carrying grooming brushes, helmet and other barn supplies.

4. Face Mask

It appears face masks will be a part of everyday life for a while. Many boarding and show facilities require them! You can show off your love for riding with horse fabric.

Crafty horse lovers, now’s your chance to make something fun and functional! Most riders love DIY projects. Are you one of them?