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Buckskin horses are beautiful to look at! They can really turn heads. This color is created with a bay base and cream gene. Many people don’t realize the amount of variation in this color though. There are light, medium, and dark shades of buckskin. One thing is for sure though… they’re all gorgeous!

1. Buttermilk

The lightest of the group, this shade has a creamy yellow look. Their black mane and tail contrast beautifully against their lighter coat color.

2. Standard

This shade is the most common of the bunch. Most people are familiar with it. Standard buckskins have a color similar to a tan deer, though they can vary a bit.

3. Golden

Similar to the standard, this variation will be slightly darker through their shoulders and hindquarters.

4. Sooty

The top of a sooty horse is darker, while the hairs underneath are lighter. It’s quite a unique look!

5. Silver

In this shade, the coat has gray hairs that intermingle throughout.

There are a few more variations of this color, but these are the most popular ones. You can learn more at the American Buckskin Registry Association, Inc.