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This past weekend, Shaley Ham got engaged to longtime boyfriend Nick Gutzwiler.

Just a day before the engagement post, Shaley put up a series of photos with Nick, writing, “Thankful for this guy & the life he reintroduced me to.” Little did she know, she would get the surprise of her life in just a few short hours.

“Words can’t explain how perfect this weekend was,” Shaley wrote on her official engagement post.

Along with a close up of the ring and some adorable couple shots (ahem, featuring Shaley’s custom COWGIRL 30 Under 30 Wrangler jacket), Shaley shared a video of the proposal itself.

Shaley filled us in on the details of the special moment:

“This past weekend was his family’s branding, which we go to every year to help gather, sort, and brand calves,” she said. “Saturday after all the branding was done, everyone was starting to pack up to head back so I went over to get my horse to ride back to the house. I heard Nick holler at me from the branding pen and I just figured he was getting ready to go. I walked my horse in the pen to meet him. He came over to kiss me, which I didn’t think was out of the ordinary, but then he said ‘That’s your last kiss as my girlfriend.’

“I was confused, just thinking he had one too many celebratory beers. Then he stepped back from me and my horse and got down on one knee! I was in such shock that I can’t even remember what exactly he was saying, but all I know is he was holding a ring out in front of me asking if I’d say yes to forever! I started crying in disbelief, but of course shook my head yes!”

Such a special moment for this wonderful couple!

“I couldn’t have imagined it any better,” she continued. “We were surrounded by friends and family and it all happened after a long day of working cows together!”

And THE RING. We have to talk about the ring.

In traditional West Desperado style, the ring is totally gorgeous and unique with some Western flair. It’s reminiscent of a flower, with petal-like diamonds branching out from the center.

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Shaley Ham is engaged. There’s officially a West Desperado wedding in our future, and we cannot wait to see what that will look like. The dress? The decor? The ceremony? We’re more than ready.