Shane Hanchey. Photo via @shanehanchey on Instagram.……

Durango Boots is partnering with several top rodeo athletes to share some tips in a Tuesday Tips series on Instagram. This week, the brand featured tie-down roper, Shane Hanchey who took to the dummy to share some calf roping tips.

Hanchey said his main focus when he is roping the dummy is his aim, he is always aiming at the point of the calf’s right shoulder.

The second biggest focus is his spoke, he doesn’t want his hand too close or too far away from the eye of his rope, though the closer you have your hand to the eye, the more control you have of your rope. He keeps his hand closer, but a comfortable distance where he still has control.

Hanchey swings his rope over a few times to get the loop right and pretends to back into the box like he’s making a run. He will walk forward, swinging his rope, keeping his tip down, looking at his target. Hanchey will swing, then deliver. Your figure-eight should always come over the top of the dummy.

Hanchey says, “keep your elbow up, your swing flat, and your tip down.”

“Keep your left hand down, and your swing speed should always stay the same, from your first swing to your last. Don’t speed up,” he adds.

Durango Boots will be posting in their Tuesday Tips series every Tuesday until the end of June featuring members of Team Durango. Durango’s tips can be found on their Instagram Story each week!