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Shari Rowe‘s new single “Last Time” was born when she and her cowriter, Willie Morrison, decided to have fun and write a tongue-in-cheek tale. The “Oops I Did It Again” of country has a 90’s country-pop feel and gives a nod to something we can all relate to – risk and regret.

“I love heartfelt, inspirational lyrics with messages that carry a lot of weight,” Shari says. “I’ve always tried to release those songs that pulled on the heart strings… but ‘Last Time’ is not one of those songs! ‘Last Time’ was a blast to write.”

There’s a fine line between risk and regret, and Shari tried to find that line and cross it when writing “Last Time”. With an over-the-top storyline and a big track that’s full of energy, this song will have you jamming out with your girlfriends all night long!

Shari explains, “I’ve been imagining that there’s an unwritten third verse to the song, where the main character meets this amazing guy while she’s still in Vegas and they spontaneously get married! It puts a spin on the hook line “last time I’ll do that”. It’s no longer about regret but instead, means that she’s found ‘the one’. The cover was designed to include that storyline.”

“I know most of us have stories to tell. Those tales told ’round the campfire. They may not be as outrageous as the ones played out in ‘Last Time’, then again, maybe they are!”

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