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📷: Bird of Paradox Studios Samantha Jo Vaughn, 💈: Alison Braver, 🍷: Bailey Shaye……

This mama shaved her head to show her daughter what true beauty is in the midst of her little girl’s battle. #AvaStrong

“Earlier this week it started to become noticeable that Ava was losing her hair. So yesterday we decided to not let Cancer take anything else from us and yesterday I chose to show Ava that she is never in this fight alone. I’m so blessed that we were able to share this moment together. She is so brave and strong and I couldn’t be more proud to be her mommy. I’ve quickly learned this past month to find the silver lining. In every hard day, in every sad moment, I’m finding the beauty and choosing to lean on my faith and to be brave like Ava.

: Bird of Paradox StudiosSamantha Jo Vaughn

: Alison Braver

: Bailey Shaye

“Huge shoutout to these amazing ladies for literally dropping their plans and coming last minute to help me turn my porch into a photoshoot. This was exactly what I had envisioned and my heart is so full. Eternally grateful for all of you.” -Chelsea Sallese, via Facebook