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Shea Fisher Durfey Just Won The Baby Announcement Game


Shea Fisher Durfey Just Won The Baby Announcement Game The Durfey family just shared some very exciting news!

Shea Fisher Durfey baby announcement cowgirl magazine

The Durfey family is growing by one!

Earlier this week, both Shea and her husband, professional tie-down roper Tyson Durfey, took to Instagram to share some big news regarding their family, and ended up winning the baby announcement game!

Isn’t this the cutest baby announcement you ever did see?

Speaking of the exciting news, Tyson said, “Today is one of the best days of my life! We are adding a little one to the Durfey Family!👶 My wife Shea is half way along and we will be expecting the new little one in March! Praise is excited to have another baby but Peanut 🥜 isn’t as excited because they will be riding double! I truly believe that a family is God’s gift to a person and that we should treat it like the most important thing on earth! In saying that: @sheafishermusic I love you first and the most! I couldn’t think of a better life partner than you! Thanks for being a great wife!”

Congratulations to the Durfey family!


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