Shea Fisher on YouTube.……

After her music hiatus, Shea Fisher returned with her new single “Imagine” back in July. Now, the long awaited “Imagine” music video has finally come out!

In “Imagine,” Shea calls on her love interest to “man up” and “stand up” to be the cowboy she’s looking for (Tyson, are you listening?). It’s the sassy, empowering anthem that we all need!

The video centers around an extraterrestrial infatuated with Shea, the director likely playing off the chorus lyric, “And I’ll slowly fly you to the moon.” As the alien listens to the song, he researches earthly terms he doesn’t understand to try to become the man Shea wants. A search of the word “cowboy” inspires a space tube lasso, while searching “rockstar” encourages the alien to emulate the facial expressions and guitar playing of Kiss.

A combination of humor, rock and roll, and a fabulous outfit, Shea Fisher’s “Imagine” music video is definitely worth streaming…at least ten times!

Following the success of “Imagine” (available for streaming here), we hope Shea’s got something new in the works!