Shea Michelle Buckles, Designs by Shea & Designs by Durfey are handcrafted for individuals and associations. The company was originally founded fifteen years ago in Australia by Shea’s parents, Eddie and Joanne Fisher. Shea expanded the company to the United States in 2010 under the name Shea Michelle Buckles.

“Our motto is “Affordable quality that brings out the uniqueness in you,” and we can cater to your specific needs. Each buckle, piece of jewelry and accessory is an original made by our experienced silversmiths. Changes can be easily accommodated to help with promotional areas i.e. sponsor names, your logo, or size and style variations.

“Buckles are designed from original hand drawings and crafted with extensive scrolls of art unmatched by our competitors. Each piece of material is cut out, arranged and engraved by hand. Depending on investment, items are made with jeweler’s gold, gold plating or real gold on a German or sterling silver base.

“Several different shaped buckle bases are available including three piece sets. These are small enough to be used on bridles or spur straps too. Custom spurs can be made using buckle designs. Each standard buckle design is easily customized with figures, scrolls, ribbons according to your choice. Add colored stones, real gems and diamonds, whatever strikes your fancy. We look forward to serving you!” -Shea Michelle Buckles

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