Shea and Tyson are in the process of building a new home, and Shea finally gave her fans a sneak peek at the new Durfey house!

It’s still a work in progress and it’s already totally gorgeous.

In Shea’s quick preview tour of the new Durfey house, we get to see what will be the entrance, the foyer, Tyson’s office, the space for Tyson’s built-in saddle rack, the living room and fireplace, and even a glimpse of the kitchen (wait until you see this island).

The huge metal door opens to a wide entrance hallway, featuring a two-material floor: wood on the sides and travertine down the center.

Tyson’s office is to the left, and nearby is a small, closet-sized space that Shea identifies as the future home of a saddle rack for Tyson.

The hallway to the guest room features some stunning cathedral ceilings. Shea notes that when the new Durfey house is complete, each ceiling section will have its own chandelier.

As she pans from the hallway to the living room, we get a little peek of the developing kitchen. THAT ISLAND, amiright?

Finally, Shea shows off the almost-finished, floor-t0-ceiling stone fireplace.

“I am so grateful and blessed that we are able to build such a beautiful home for our family,” wrote Shea on Instagram. “We saved for many years to be able to do this.”

See the full tour on Shea’s Instagram:

Shea and Tyson have been staying at home during social distancing, though she admits to going a little “stir crazy”!

“I am ready for this to all be over!!!!” she wrote on Instagram. “I want to be able to wear make up again and fix my hair lol. I loved not having to do anything the last few weeks but hang out with the kiddos and family but days like today I just want to go to town and be back to normal life.”

What do you think of Shea and Tyson’s future home? We can’t wait to see all of Tyson’s saddles lined up!