Yes, springtime has its benefits… warmer weather and longer days to name a few, but it can also mean hair everywhere! Spring is known as shedding season around here. Your horse’s hair is likely to be seen in clumps around the barn, on your clothes, in your house, and places you might never have imagined.

If you want to tackle your horse’s coat the proper way, then get yourself a grooming tool that can help you de-shed them! The SleekEZ may be just what you need.

The ORIGINAL by SleekEZ® (Large) Grooming Tool, $19.95; SleekEZ

This 10 inch grooming tool will work wonders on your horse’s coat. It has tiny metal teeth in a wave pattern that grab and remove the loose hair from your horse’s neck, shoulders, belly, legs, and face. There are different sizes for areas like the legs. On this particular model, it helps to use both hands.

Check it out in action:

Your life will be so much easier when you use this amazing grooming tool. Looking for other ideas? Head over to: 3 Shedding Tools You Need This Spring!