Love the weather change, but hate the shedding? Don’t let your spring be ruined. Most horse owners dread the flying hair that seems to come off their horse’s body in an endless supply. The great news? There are several ways to manage a hairy horse. Here’s an excellent selection of brushes that will make life so much easier!

1. Slick N’ Easy

These grooming blocks are so handy. Just rub them against the horse’s body and watch the hair fall to the ground. Try to use the edge of the block to really help with the shedding.

2. Shedding Flower

The brush looks like a flower and works like a curry. It does an especially great job at removing deeper and more difficult hair.

3. Jelly Curry

This two-sided curry works wonders in the spring. You can use it after the shedding flower to remove surface hair.

If you want to find out more about these shedding brushes and exactly how they’re used, watch the video below. You and your horse will have a much more enjoyable spring with the right tools to get you through the season.

Want some more options? Take a look at this DIY shedding brush.