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A shedrow barn has a series of stalls that open to a breezeway overhang. Since the stalls are located on the outside of the barn, your horse can enjoy good air flow and a nice outdoor view. Many property owners choose this type of barn because they’re affordable and require less space.  The options are endless! Simple and functional, this barn has two stalls and a feed/tack room.
Photo by: The Barn Yard Store
Another two-stall barn, this option is affordable and built to last!
Photo by: Premier Structures
An overhang is a nice addition to a shedrow barn. It keeps the rain away from the stall doors.
Photo by: Premier Structures
This three-stall barn is gorgeous! It has black sliding stall doors, brick trim and a cream finish.
Photo by: Barn Pros
Tired of boarding? A shedrow barn may be the perfect option to get your horses home!