Sheri burns doreman burns cowgirl magazine
“Desert Harmony” and “It’s Cocktail Time”

Sheri Burns, wife of Doreman Burns, uses color and vibrance to capture the enchantment of New Mexico on canvas and bring it to life. Any of her pieces would be a beautiful addition to your home.

“Elements of reality, abstraction, and expressiveness penetrate Sheri’s colorful paintings. The images she paints are filled with positive energy, reflecting her vibrant personality and spirit.

“Three Maidens”

“She has developed her own style and most often paints in acrylics. The freshness and exuberance of color have become signature to her work.

“Gambles in Cactus”

“Of her work she says,  “ I love painting, especially creating rich color contrasts. Color, it really is all about color and being spontaneous.”

“Early Snow at Chimayo”

“Sheri, born in Houston, Texas now makes her home in the rural village of Corrales, New Mexico with her husband, artist Doreman Burns. The ambiance and rich cultural influence of northern New Mexico are a constant source of inspiration.”