Horse Shoes
Artistic Horse Casual Shoes……

Horse lovers, these shoes are perfect for you. You can hit the town with comfy slip-on footwear. The horse prints are too cute! Some are colorful, while others have floral patterns. There’s a pair for everyone’s unique interest! Groove Bags has a wide selection of prints, but the horse ones are just what a cowgirl needs!

These shoes are lightweight and have a high-quality canvas design. Each one has an elastic stretch V for an easy on-and-off design. Which pair will you pick?

Floral, $49.99, Groove Bags
Quarter Horse Flower, $49.99, Groove Bags
Cute Horse, $49.99, Groove Bags
Embroidery Horse, $49.99, Groove Bags

Causal and cute, these horse shoes are perfect for running errands, work, or school. Now, your love for horses will be obvious to everyone!

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