COWGIRL's Native Arts Collection,……

Every piece of Shop COWGIRL’s Native Arts collection is hand made in New Mexico by Native American artisans. Each intricate design is unique and no two pieces are ever exactly the same.

COWGIRL’s goal is to create family heirloom quality jewelry that is timeless, each with its own personal story.

Stunning bracelets, necklaces, and earrings were specially made to empower you and every cowgirl in your life.

Winged Beauty Bracelet, $150.


Cowgirl Grit Bracelet, $165.
Cowgirl Grace Bracelet, $295.


Tufa Naja Necklace, $295.
Ancestral Necklace, $225.
Desert Beauty Necklace, $425.
Turquoise Bliss Earring, $95.

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