New MuMu! Ah, I can never say the word, “MuMu,” enough. Especially since one of my favorite lines, Show Me Your MuMu, has come out with their spring collection, “Desert MUasis.” If you haven’t heard of this brand, jump on board. Their clothing is built with incredible quality and my favorite thing about SMYM is the roomy, oversized aesthetic they follow. I realize the flowy, oversized look isn’t for everyone, but I still advise you to give them a try because there’s just something about the way their flowy pieces hang. It’s super flattering and romantic.

While I already had a crush on past SMYM lines, this one is right up my alley. As it’s name implies, the line is filled with southwestern patterns and colors inspired by the desert. If the Lite Bright Bull Karmyn Cape doesn’t make your heart flutter then check your pulse!

These are a just a few of my favorites, but you can see the rest of the Desert MUasis line at Enjoy!

Baja Fringe Poncho – Morning Star


Bam-Bam Bels – Larose Lace Midnight