"Cowgirl Magazine" - Short Equestrains

"Cowgirl Magazine" - Short Equestrains

Being short definitely has its advantages, but maneuvering around the barn isn’t always the easiest. If you have a tall horse, then you really have your hands full! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Short cowgirls may have their work cut out for them when it comes to horses, but at least you can look back and say you were determined.

1. Blanketing Tall Horses

Can you relate? Putting on a heavy turnout blanket can be a nightmare when you have a tall horse. It’s a lot of swinging fabric, pushing, and hoping your horse will stand still long enough.

2. Tacking Up with a Heavy Saddle

Western saddles are already heavy enough, but when you’re trying to lift one onto a horse that towers over you, you really have your work cut out. Even putting saddles on high racks in the tack room can be a disaster.

3. Mounting

Short legs just don’t reach the stirrups that well. You better be flexible if you plan on mounting without a block! You can even step up the difficulty by trying to get on bareback.

4. Always Given the Ponies

If you ride in a lesson program, then you should expect to ride ponies a lot. They can be ornery and stubborn, but at least you look good on them.

5. Carrying Hay Bales

Oh, the work involved! Hay bales are heavy and usually half your size. They can be awkward and quite difficult to move around.

Hey…being short isn’t all bad! There’s a ton of advantages, like riding horses of any size and fitting into more affordable kid clothes. Can you relate to these problems? What do you struggle with at the barn?