Shorty's Caboy Hattery cowgirl magazine
Photo by Mallory Beinborn.……

Shorty’s Caboy Hattery is well-known for its custom hats. Though they customize both felts and straws, their extensive felt customization options are almost unparalleled. From the color to the band to the overlay and everything in between, Shorty’s lets you create your perfect hat.

Their overlay options are almost innumerable, with enough skins, hides, and fabrics  to make your head spin! Hold on to your hats, ladies; Shorty’s has overlays to die for.

Just some of the overlay styles available from Shorty’s.

Because Shorty’s hats are typically custom made, their pricing is unique. They charge for the hat and have additional charges for add-ons like overlays, stitching, and hat bands.

This pink and black hat features a pink alligator overlay, whipstitching along the brim, and a custom hat band with Swarovski crystals.

Black 100X with alligator overlay, $1,250.

Another stellar overlay, this time featuring stingray. Shorty’s calls this one Black Cherry for its dark upper and hints of pink along the brim and in the skin itself. Note the stitching and custom hat band.

Black Cherry 100X with ostrich overlay, $975.

Shorty’s can literally make all your custom dreams come true. For more information, visit