Many traditional horse shows have been canceled due to COVID-19. While some bans are being lifted, it doesn’t appear larger shows will be happening anytime soon. Riders and trainers will have to get creative if they want to showcase their skill and horse’s talent this year. Luckily, virtual shows have started to surface. Larger organizations are even partaking in the excitement. You can show your horse without ever leaving your property!

The American Paint Horse Association has created a series of e-shows. It’s simple!

  1. Film your performance based on the outlined criteria
  2. Submit your video online
  3. A judge will take a look

These classes are open to all-breeds, but there’s a special incentive for Paint horse owners. And to top if off, all riders and horses are eligible to win cash prizes! There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to help your sharpen your skills.

There are a ton of different classes to pick from. Some include: cutting, halter, hunter under saddle, in-hand trail, ranch riding, showmanship, reining, western pleasure and much more! You can download the pattern ahead of time to see if you and your horse are ready for the challenge.

Find all of the information at: APHA’s E-Shows! There’s also a list of rules and video requirements on the website.

If you’re looking for other virtual horse shows, then check out The Virtual Horse Show. This private Facebook group is ran by AQHA Professional Horseman, Charlie Cole.

Virtual horse shows offer the perfect opportunity for newbies and experienced riders to showcase what they’ve been working on!

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