Show Secrets

Let this show season be your best one yet! It can be helpful to know what the judge is thinking when you enter the ring. That’s why these top 15 show secrets will get you the blue ribbon. Learn how to impress the person who’s giving out the prizes. Here’s some do’s and don’ts!

  1. Take time to make a good overall impression. That includes a clean horse, tack, and show clothes.
  2. Wear clothes that fit appropriately.
  3. Make sure your horse is completely sound.
  4. Arrive to the class on time!
  5. Know what equipment is allowed and not.
  6. Your number should be clearly visible.
  7. Try to avoid bringing a sweaty horse into the ring.
  8. Offer to ride the pattern/test first.
  9. Learn how to maneuver in the arena with other riders.
  10. Don’t allow a parent or trainer to shout across the arena.
  11. Keep your horse under control and don’t run over the judge.
  12. Watch a few classes ahead of time, so you know what to expect.
  13. Avoid jerking on your horse’s mouth or mistreating them in any way.
  14. Enter classes appropriate to you and your horse’s level.
  15. Have fun and smile!

Showing is a great way to let others see how hard you and your horse have been working together. Don’t let silly things like arriving late to a class stop you from getting the blue ribbon. These secrets will get you in the winner’s circle every time!

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