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Okay, most of us have been there. It’s great to be “well endowed” in the chest but when you are trying to focus on riding it can sometimes be a total nightmare, not to mention incredibly painful. Luckily, the sports bra business has dramatically inclined in the past couple years (it’s now a $3.5 billion industry) providing a huge range of options for every body type. So to celebrate the 40th birthday of the (very appreciated) sports bra we’ve wrangled together some of our top picks that are currently on the market. Some are specifically designed for equestrians others are the latest and greatest in technology. Check it out and let’s show some support (see what I did there) for the beloved sports bra.

This, ladies, is the BRAND NEW Nike Fe/Nom Flyknit Sports Bra. It is literally the most technologically advanced sports bra on the market.  The Nike team spent over 600 hours on biometric testing, recording movement, and body mapping to design this thing. The goal was to reduce the amount of fabric, seams, and layers to make the most comfortable, yet effective, sports bra. They used the same Flyknit fabric technology as their popular fly knit running shoes. The results of their labor is astounding. Take a look at the video below showing some of the innovative ways Nike develops their incredible products. You can buy the Nike Fe/Nom Flyknit Sports Bra here for $80.



Next up is this Kerrits EQ Sports Bra. It has an undershirt-style design for ultimate comfort and a sleek appearance under clothing. This bra is perfect for wearing under show clothes if you’re worried about the bulky appearance of most traditional sports bras. We love the nude color as well. The support is somewhat minimal so if you have a bigger bosom you might want to consider something with a little more lower support. You can buy the Kerrits EQ Sports Bra here for $35.10.

Here we have the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra. This one is my personal favorite, purely because of how much control and how easily you can get into this bad boy. Plus your boobs aren’t going ANYWHERE. The zipper on the front allows you to put it on like a button-up shirt (it’s even got zipper protectors to keep from chaffing you and your clothes). Once on, you can adjust the back strap with a large velcro pull-tight (think cinch for your boobs) and then you can adjust the shoulder straps (think lift and pin-down) on the front with a velcro pull-tight.  BOOM- dreaded boob bounce is dead in it’s evil tracks. Check out the video below to see just how easy this thing is to put on. You can buy the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra here for $62.


For those of us that don’t need quite so much tying-down we have this slick little baby. It’s called the Shine Scoop Sport Bra (doesn’t that just sound nice?) made by bra-giant Victoria’s Secret.  It still has a good amount of support but with a lower neckline and less padding. This is great for anyone who has a smaller bust line or if you’re doing something with low concussion such as yoga, pilates, or barre. The other added bonus is it has a nice sheen and comes in some cute colors so it works great for wearing underneath regular clothes if you need to run errands pre or post workout. You can buy tthe Shine Scoop Sport Bra here for $24.50. *It’s on sale right now for $14.50!

The Cheata Trotter is another equestrian-specific design with full coverage and a little bit of upper ab support. This is another great bra for daily riding or showing. It does have slightly more bulky arm strap seams than the Kerrits addition but offers more support. It’s ideal for riders who sit the trot a lot (hello you Equitation and Western Dressage riders). You can buy the Cheata Trotter here for $62.96.

The Panache Women’s Ultimate Wired High-Impact Sports Bra perfectly balances cuteness and effectiveness. This bra is awesome because it’s leopard, first off, and because it allows a little more individual space for each of your breasts. If you hate having uni-boob and the sweat that comes with it then this bra is for you! This is especially good for ladies with a broader rib cage. It offers a lot of underneath support with a strong shoulder strap. The bottom is practically seamless and will feel great against your skin, even with a lot of upper body movement. You can buy the Panache Women’s Ultimate Wired High-Impact Sports Bra here for $52.99.

Last we have the super cute Free to Be Bra from Lulu Lemon. This bra is another light-impact bra for smaller-chested women. It wins most stylish from this selection because of its cute criss-crossing back. This is perfect for wearing all-day even when your finished riding. It’s designed for comfort and is made with a light-weight fabric that offers “great support and coverage with a cool, smooth feel.” You can grab this cutie here for $48.