Arthritis isn’t limited to senior horses. More and more horses are experiencing this disease in younger years. This condition can be defined as inflammation in the joints. It’s caused by wear and tear, nutrition, and genetics. Are you aware of the tell-tale signs?

Signs of Arthritis

  1. Your horse begins to move differently. They may be slower or not as athletic. Generally, this happens over time rather than overnight.
  2. They start off stiff in your rides then loosen up as your continue. They may even appear slightly lame in the beginning.
  3. Your horse feels choppy under saddle. Their once smooth gait is now bumpy and uncomfortable.
  4. Their strides are short. The horse won’t reach out with one or more of their legs as well they use too.
  5. Your horse’s joints will be swollen. It may be especially noticeable if you compare them to each other. One will be filled with fluid and the other not so much.

Often, local treatment to the joints and supplements are necessary for your horse to be comfortable. Speak with your vet if you believe your horse is experiencing arthritis.