It’s not a myth! Heart horses really do exist. In fact, the one you currently own may actually be your heart horse. These equine besties understand you like no other horse would. They seem to make you not only a better ride, but a better person too! It’s the one horse in this world you wouldn’t trade for anything.

5 Signs of a Heart Horse

1. You think about them all the time. This horse has really gotten a hold on your heart and mind. You can’t seem to stop talking and thinking about them. You’ve made some really good memories and they’re hard to forget!

2. They push you to be better. A heart horse may challenge you or be the rock you need to rebuild confidence. They seem to know what you need most and how to help you achieve it.

3. You have a strong relationship. This horse wants to spend time with you and the feeling is mutual. You both look forward to riding, grooming, and just hanging out as a team. It’s not everyday a horse picks you over their equine buddies.

4. Together, you accomplish goals. You want to create a future with this horse. In fact, you make short and long term goals with them in mind. You know with them by your side the world is your playground.

5. You could never imagine selling this horse. They have earned a permanent place in your barn (and heart)! The thought of selling them brings tears to your eyes. And you definitely dread the day they pass on. Deep down, you know they’ll never be another like them.

Does your current horse have these telltale signs of being a heart horse? They can be hard to come by, so don’t be disappointed if this unicorn hasn’t entered your life yet!

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