horse lover cowgirl magazine
How much joy does riding bring you?……

It’s easy to identify a genuine horse lover. Everything they say and do somehow connects to the barn and riding. They’re a special group! They all share the same qualities and are proud of it. Being a horse girl is more than just riding, it’s about the love for the animal. Let’s see how many you have…

  1. You basically live at the barn. If someone wants to find you, they know where to go!
  2. You find hay in your car, sofa, and shoes.
  3. Your wardrobe consists of jeans, a cowgirl hat, and boots.
  4. A little dirt is always under your fingernails.
  5. You have full conversations with your horse.
  6. More than half your paycheck is spent on your horse.
  7. You point out horses on all your road trips.
  8. Your therapist has four hooves.
  9. Every weekend you’re busy at a rodeo, horse show, or on a trail ride.
  10. Your vocabulary has some extra words that regular folks don’t understand.
  11. Forget a sports car… you want a truck (with a horse trailer attached).
  12. You can braid hair really good.
  13. The rain, snow, and blazing sun don’t stop you from riding.
  14. Every Christmas wish list includes tack or a new horse.
  15. You’ve had one too many photoshoots with horses.
  16. You’d give up anything to find your heart horse.
  17. Cleaning the barn is easy. Cleaning your house… not so much.
  18. Your favorite movies always have a horse in them.
  19. You somehow manage to fit horses into every conversation.
  20. There’s horse decor is every room of your house.

Any of these ring true for you?