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It’s rare to visit a horse farm and not be greeted by their farm dog. It seems almost every ranch has one! They come in all different breeds, sizes, and colors. Some want a pup for herding, while others need protection or companionship. The most important thing is your dog is friendly and well behaved!

The Perfect Farm Dog

  1. They’re good with a range of livestock- horses, goats, pigs, sheep, cattle, chickens, etc.
  2. This dog knows their job (whether that be herding, guarding, pest management, or companionship) and does it well.
  3. They don’t try to escape or run off the farm.
  4. They know basic commands like sit, lay, stay, and come.
  5. They’re not aggressive with children or visitors.
  6. They warn you of strangers by barking, but not attacking.
  7. They can handle all types of weather.
  8. This dog is low maintenance and keeps weight easily.
  9. They were raised or trained on a working farm.
  10. Lastly, they won’t be anxious if left on the ranch alone.

No dog is born this way, but with proper training and care they can be shaped into a good pup. Some breeds are known for preforming well on farms, such as Blue Heelers and Corgis. You may want to look into those first.