Thrush is a nasty fungus that affects the underside of your horse’s hooves. It primarily targets their frog and the areas around it. Not only does it smell awful, but it can leave your horse uncomfortable and tender. In most cases, thrush is caused by dirty stalls, moisture, and lack of regular hoof care. Watch out for these signs!

Thrush in Horses

  1. Strong, rotting oder from the underside of their hoof
  2. Dark or black tar-like substance around the frog
  3. Tenderness or sensitivity
  4. Lameness in severe cases
  5. Softening of the frog
  6. Heel cracks
  7. Splits and cracks in the toe

Most horse owners look for the black, oozy substance, but there are other signs of thrush to watch out for. In some cases, the heel will become infected with a deep crack. The horse will begin to step on their toe to avoid extra pressure on the back of hoof. You may notice toe cracks and splits.

Talk with your farrier about your horse’s hooves! Regular hoof care and a clean, dry environment is essential. There are also products available like No Thrush to treat this fungal infection.