Horse hay has a way of ending up in some of the weirdest spots. I can think of so many occasions where I find a piece not even close to the barn. How about you? Get a laugh at some of these places and see if you can relate! Oh, the mystery of hay…

  1. Your hair
  2. Inside your everyday street shoes
  3. The refrigerator at home
  4. Your food pantry
  5. Your bed
  6. The sofa
  7. Your bra
  8. Your underwear
  9. Your pajamas
  10. The pockets of every coat you own
  11. The trunk of your car
  12. In the hair of your dog
  13. Random pieces throughout the floor of your home
  14. Your dresser drawers
  15. Your purse

It seems no place is safe from hay. When you ride or own horses, you better expect to find this stuff everywhere! Even if you board off-site…

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