sleeping foal cowgirl magazine

Horse farms are busy with foals this time of year! April, May and June are popular months for pregnant mares to give birth. A foal can really change the barn. Everything is new and exciting for them. They’re learning how to walk, eat and play! As they go through changes and grow, they tend to get themselves into some awkward situations.

Check out these foals as they make fools of themselves! You won’t stop laughing.

It can be hard to eat when your legs are longer than your neck!

So itchy. There’s nothing like a good scratch!

Peek a boo. I see you!

The life of a foal is hard. So naps are essential!

Mommas make for good jumps.

He’s ready for his picture.

How cute are these little ones? Foals have a way of brighten our days with their adorable personalities!