silly horse laws cowgirl magazine

It’s a mystery how some laws make it through the approval process. These crazy horse laws actually exist. Whether they have ever been enforced with jail time is questionable. It is a fact that they will probably make you laugh!

1. Men can’t eat ice cream while riding a horse in Cotton Valley, Louisiana.

2. In Colorado, Utah, and Washington, D.C., fishing from horseback is illegal.

3. In Pocataligo, Georgia, horses are not allowed to neigh after 10 PM.

4. You cannot open or close an umbrella in the presence of a horse in New York.

5. No lassoing fish from horseback, if you live in Tennessee.

6. Your horse is required to wear diapers in public areas in Charleston, South Carolina.

7. In Burns, Oregon it’s the law that horses must pay admission to enter taverns.

8. Between March 1st and October 20th in Burdville, Vermont, no horse is allowed to wander around.

9. You can get jail time for riding an ugly horse in Hartsville, Illinois.

10. Careful not to take pictures of horses on Sunday in McAllen, Texas. You can get up to 3 days in jail for disturbing the animal.

It’s not clear as to whether these laws are still effective or not, but even the thought they existed at some point is bizarre! Can you imagine ending up in jail or paying fines for these silly things?

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