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If you’re thinking of building a guest house on your property, we have just the thing. With more and more recycled materials being used to create new living spaces, it’s easier to construct guest quarters on your own time. You may have seen shipping containers or school buses used to create homes, but the new trend is silos.

Silos provide that farm aesthetic you’re looking for with a modern, creative edge that your guests will love. The metal silo gives you the external structure, and all you need to do is fill in the interior.

Adding a covered porch with extra metal, wood framing, and poured concrete will give your guests an outdoor area to sit and enjoy nature.

You can even add a deck to create that outdoor space. This silo house on Tiny House Listing is two stories and has an elevated deck with plenty of outdoor seating!

If you’re wondering what they look like inside, here’s a kitchen made to fit the curved walls of the silo. Very modern, but also very farmhouse.

But, you don’t have to go contemporary if that’s not your style. This quirky guest house adds character to a backyard.

If you’re in search of a new house project, give this one a try. Your efforts will be well worth it; you’ll be proud of yourself for a job well done, and your guests will have a cozy-cute place to stay when they’re visiting.

You can even rent it out as a vacation home to earn some extra income. If you get enough guests, you could pay off the whole project.

For some interior design inspo for your new guest home, check out our favorite horse home decor.