Cowgirl- Christian Silver Co.

While I was doing some late night Instagram jewelry shopping I just happened to run across one of Christian Hitzelberger’s designs and did a little snooping and man-oh-man, am I glad I did. Absolutely stunning work! He has a talent for incorporating the classic western engraving style that we southern women love, with trendy shapes and southwestern details. Let me tell ya, when it comes to Instagram silver shopping, I’ve done some damage and seen hundreds of artists and Christian Silver Co. has just got that special something and eye for the unique. For goodness sake he created a pair of solid sterling silver sunglasses.

While his jewelry is ahhh-mazing, he also creates other works of art on things like bottle openers and knives…so don’t count him out if you’re looking for a lil somethin’ for the man in your life. After all, Valentine’s Days is sneakin’ up on us, isn’t it?!

You can view his work and order your own custom piece from Christian Silver Co. on his Facebook and on Instagram @Christian_Hitz.