Cowgirl - Paloma StippI may have mentioned Paloma Stipp once or twice during my go with COWGIRL Magazine, but I felt like she deserved her OWN article because she is truly that amazing at what she does with turquoise stones.

World traveler and silversmith are just a few titles that Paloma Stipp carries. She draws inspiration from all the beautiful places she has lived and studied and never disappoints with each new creation she comes up with. Every earring and ring that leaves her bench is a complete work of art.

My fascination with her work started with my first piece, her full turquoise ear cuff, which has turned out to be her biggest hit. Making it big in shops such as FREE PEOPLE and constantly churning out custom orders like a mad woman. Her drive to succeed and always give 100% of herself to every piece is why I know Paloma will go so far! Well, she basically already has, but who knows what else is in store!

Watch her work, support her with orders and love this artist as much as I do by following her on Instagram @paloma_stipp and visiting 🙂

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