If there was a contest to see just how many rings you could fit on all ten of your fingers, I would gladly participate…and try my damnedest to win. I’m like Phoebe on Friends, with my rings. No shame! Shannon Lee Lowery, or as I know him on Instagram as @mudlowery, is next on my list of artists I aspire to own jewelry from. Major ring crushing on his work. Fantastic stone choices and flawless work. And do you see this huge ring to the left? I like my turquoise like that. You know, big enough to serve two purposes. 1. Make me fabulous & 2. Emergency dinner plate I can eat off of.

If the jewelry wasn’t bomb enough, ole Lowery is he can tool leather too! One stop shoppin’ right there! Check him out on Instagram @mudlowery and while you’re there, check out his fiancé @thelaurentate. She is beyond fantastic and has the BEST taste in western fashion. You go sister! #PowerCouple