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Having a fly free farm only seems like a dream, right?!? It’s actually possible to eliminate most flies in five steps. You might still have some lingering around, but the majority of them with be gone. Who’s ready for a bug battle… It’s time to suit up and attack!

Steps to Being Fly Free

  1. Identify what kind of flies you have. Some examples include house flies, biting stable flies, horse and deer flies, bot flies, among others.
  2. Purchase Spalding Fly Predators. Adult flies only make up about 15% of the fly population. You need to attack them before they fly. Fly Predators destroy the immature pupa (cocoon), thus stopping the cycle.
  3. Set effective traps for the adult flies. Odor and sticky traps appear to be the most successful.
  4. Clean up your environment. Make your barn unwelcoming to bugs by eliminating smells like ammonia from urine and moving manure away from the barn.
  5. Use fly spray, a mask, and/or sheet to address any remaining bugs. It may be hard to completely eliminate all flies, so make sure to offer your horse some kind of protection.

You can learn more about Fly Predators with this video.

Your farm is closer to being fly free now!