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Scrubbing water troughs seems like a never ending job in the summer. Algae and grime are constantly building up on the sides and bottom. Your horse is less likely to drink from a dirty bucket. They could experience dehydration if they’re not getting enough water, especially in the warmer months. These tips will save you a lot of work!

Keep Your Horse’s Water Trough Cleaner

On top of always scrubbing, many have to dump the water in order to keep it clean. That’s a lot of wasted water and time spent refilling. There are easier ways though!

  1. Use a fish net: Scoop plant material, bugs, and dirt from the surface and deep into the water. You can go all the way to the bottom. Tap off the dirt on the side and scoop some more.
  2. Goldfish: These fish will actually eat the algae in your tank. Make sure to remove them before your clean the trough though!

Check out this tutorial on how to properly use a fish net.

It’s as simple as that! Your horse’s water will stay clean longer. That means less water wasted and time spent scrubbing.